Digital Brand Design



Developing a brand’s identity isn’t as complicated as you might think. A lot of what a brand represents should come from the inside, such as values and core purpose; the ‘why’. Once you have this written down you simply need a creative approach to bring this vision to life and align with how you want customers perceive your brand. It’s then important to test this hypothesis and make sure that the tone of voice as well as design, speaks to your customers and sells this vision. We like to combine science with art so we can monitor user behaviour and see how they interact with your brand. This can be anything from blog content, to your website and paid media. It should all sing from the same sheet in perfect unison.



Keep up with the Joness’ and then overtake them. Most of the world does business online now and so it’s very important to keep producing fresh content so that you’re not sinking below your competition or treading water. We help startups develop social campaigns to align with their broader creative strategy. This might be a series of short social films to explain your product, a seasonal campaign to pique the interest of your audience at key calendar dates or weekly imagery to increase traffic and social interactions. Whatever it is, we’ll chat with you to find the best solution for your brand and budget.



Revamping websites and marketing collateral can sound like a real chore, lets be honest. However, first impressions do count and sometimes it’s a necessary task.  Our online presence is our digital shop window. If your website and landing pages aren’t converting as expected we can help you find a solution. It might be that you just need a few tweaks to your messaging or a little technical optimising. We’re always happy to offer that much needed extra perspective.



Who are you and what do you stand for? This is probably one of the first questions we’ll ask. At this stage we really just want to chat with you and find out about your vision for the company and where you want to be. Armed with this we can write up a brief for the project. It’s also important to define the scope of work and do so within your budget.


After we’ve absorbed all that you’ve told us we’ll develop a creative approach, which might include templates, fonts or colour schemes, leading to more broader creative concepts. We’ll look at all the places your logo touches, from business cards and letter heads to marketing campaigns and social accounts. We’ll then draft a set of rules or guidelines on how to execute the above to convey what you stand for and engage with your audience.


Time to test, test and test again! Once we’ve gone through several rounds of amends and we’re happy with the concepts, we can begin to execute and implement your brand identity, in all it’s glory. We’ll set up the analytics to monitor user engagement and social interactions so that once we have enough data we can adapt and optimise. If you previously had data then we can compare results, otherwise we’ll discuss the most important KPIs for your business and do our best to exceed them.