KFC – chicken to die for?

Have a tooth pick ready to pluck out the feathers. I’m just not sure if a real life rapping chicken about to meet it’s doom makes me hungry for KFC or turns me into a vegetarian?

First things first, the poor chicken seems to be oblivious about what it’s advocating for. It’s the same feeling of pity that you get when you see pigeons, turned cannibals, unknowingly pecking at left over chicken wings in the street. With over 350 complaints to the ASA it seems that some of us are siding with this poor bird. I’ve been keeping track of the latest campaign for KFC and I just wanted to voice my opinion on the ad and hear what you have to say. After all it was produced by Mother, who are known for their ‘quirky’ advertising and one of London’s top advertising agencies – recently swiping the account from BBH. Perhaps this time they tried a little too hard to defy convention?

I just find the current campaign a little macabre. Most of us want to disassociate with the personality of a chicken and the fact that it’s a real living thing. After all what we end up eating is far from the original product (at least in most cases, I hope). No decent person likes the idea of killing animals but at the same time most of us love eating chicken. It’s a bit of a predicament.

The other point is the tagline – ‘The whole chicken…’ Rather than an organic healthy chicken springing to mind, that actually makes me think of all the rumours you hear about bits of beak and feet being used. I don’t want the whole chicken, I just want the best parts! Now, I see what they’ve done by adapting the sworn testimony ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…’ I think it’s smart and a nice bit of writing, I’m just not sure it really works here. If it was about the fruit for an Innocent Smoothie then yea, great!

A copywriter I knew once did a study of the death row inmates in America and their last meals. He stumbled across a really interesting insight; most of the meals involved fried chicken. You might think it’s a little obvious when you think of the demographic of death row prisoners but unless someone tells you, you’d never think of it. With that said, here’s a new and improved tagline I prepared earlier…

KFC – ‘Chicken to die for’

Now I think that might have sold more chicken as it at least has a human truth. In KFC’s defence I enjoyed the advert with Hodor from Game of Thrones. Thought it was brilliant! I rarely bring up adverts as a topic of conversation amongst my non-work friends but this one was hilarious. Brands always want their ads to be shared for the right reasons. Getting attention isn’t that hard, getting the right sort of attention from the right people, is. As an outsider I don’t know what KFC’s brand objectives were, or what audience they’re trying to reach. From what I’ve seen in recent years KFC have been trying to appeal to families as a slightly less unhealthy option and more of a social one for sharing.

Wouldn’t it be better to pay homage to this poor creature instead?

Come rain or shine this chicken has fed a nation. We should say thanks to the chicken. It’s fed us when we’re tired, sad, in need of comfort. It’s been there when we’re celebrating, or feasting with friends and family sat round a table. We’ve had some good conversations and some not so good conversations, whilst tucking into a roast. This humble bird has been good to us. KFC I think you should pay tribute to this incredible bird.

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