Radio Commercial Services

Radio Production


Radio, the timeless medium with a captive audience. While the proportion of people who listen to the radio has not changed year on year, people are listening to the radio for longer. It’s effective and it’s affordable, especially if you want to beef up your ad campaign and can’t afford outdoor placement. Running a radio ad alongside your online campaigns can build confidence in your audience.



Write your script and plan how many cutdowns you need, whether it’s 20, 30, 40 seconds. Once you have your concept it’s time to find the VO that’s going to resonate with your audience, whether male, female, young, old, soft accent, strong accent. We’ll work with you to find you a range of options to choose.


Once you’ve found your VO artist and supplied the script it’s time to get it recorded! Some VO artists have their own recording equipment at home. If not then you’ll need to find a professional recording studio, which can be a little more costly.


This is where we get the audio normalised and add the all important sound effects. These are vital to help recreate the setting in your listeners head, whether you’re transporting them to an exotic beach, a jungle or a busy city.

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