Wallace and Gromit having a cup of tea.

A new creative agency for startups has been born!

From your Watson and Penfold to Gromit and Little John… well they’re a few of Britain’s best sidekicks in our view. They are the unsung heroes that help their partners achieve success and fame, whilst staying humble, loyal and out of site.

Well here at Sidekick STUDIOS we might not stay out of sight but we will always do our best to create work that captures the imagination of your target audience. We’re quite simple in our approach. We strive to be thoughtful in everything that we do from our culture through to our work. We like to take the path less trodden to help challenger brands gain that all important competitive advantage.

So as you might have guessed, we’ve launched our Camden Creative Agency and we’re very proud to be officially live! We really enjoy helping companies who need a little boost and a steer in the right direction with their creative. It might be that you want to feature in a monthly magazine, win some awards or increase your social presence with Facebook ads that convert. From your business cards to brand films we are here to serve and offer our experience and support to get you to the next level!

Now more than ever it’s imperative for brands and startups to be creating consistent content each month to win new fans and gain traffic to their sites. It might be as simple as a little update or announcing a new product. The days of one-off ads skyrocketing your to stardom are in the past, companies need to keep up with the demand for interesting insightful content to win over their audiences and to not get drowned out by competition. In every industry you have David and Goliath, the giants who dominate the market, and tend to pump money into huge marketing campaigns that run everywhere. The Davids of the industry are agile and reactive, using their budget on more focused and strategic campaigns. The word we all want to hear is ‘Organic Traffic’, yup it’s a word like ‘Super Fruit’, we all think we know what it means.

Well we want to help you get as much organic traction as possible. We’re a creative agency for startups and underdogs to take on the big dogs. We have experience working in some of London’s top agencies and now we want to share our wisdom. We want to help you produce remarkable content to have an impact in the market and to get you noticed. So if you want to take your business to the next level please get in touch. We’d love to have a chat with you and see how we can help add value to your business.

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