Founder stories

Tide – Founder Stories video series, Old Curiosity Distillery

Founder Stories was a series of documentary esq videos we produced to bring to life the real stories of Tide members. These members launched their businesses with the help of Tide and therefore we used this as a brand piece focused on telling the stories behind the businesses. We wanted these videos to provide insights and value to encourage other like minded entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps.

Old Curiosity Distillery

It was a wonderful opportunity to interview Hamish the founder of the Old Curiosity Distillery. We discovered Hamish’s love for nature ran deep. Hamish discovered a type of gin that changed colour by accident. Only then did he realise he was onto something! We used a skeleton crew to film the production and followed Hamish and his team around the Distillery to document the process. We approached this is a very ad-hoc way to capture genuine stories without scripting. We subsequently spent two days in a van driving around Scotland visiting numerous small businesses to capture these stories. We were incredibly fortunate with the weather and with the people we met.