Remarkable ideas don’t require remarkable budgets. We help startups around the world, punch above their weight with their creative content. In our book, creativity is about colliding ideas and allowing great minds to cross paths. One size doesn’t fit all. Every brand has different needs, which is why we’ve built our very own digital network to tailor the right team for your business. We’re looking for fast paced, ambitious brands who are ready to take the next step up with their advertising initiatives. We’ve helped some of the UKs most renowned startups save costs, convert customers and evolve their advertising from online to TV, radio and outdoor.

Films should evoke emotion and subsequently action, forming a connection between a customer’s problem and a brand’s solution. We combine creative and production all under one roof so you can save your time and budget.

As you expand it’s even more important to make sure your online presence, otherwise know as ‘digital’ communication, comes from the same voice. Consistency is key in our experience. When your brand is strong enough, your audience will come to you!

For newly funded startups, outdoor advertising tends to be the natural progression from digital marketing. You’re officially on the scene! It’s a great space to be disruptive. And even in the digital age, direct mail campaigns can prove invaluable at getting your foot in your customers door.

Your Secret Weapon

For recently funded startups, paying for a creative agency can be very expensive. On the other hand, freelancers can’t always deliver the quality or consistency needed, especially when scaling. We sit somewhere in-between as we don’t have the usual agency overheads. We have our own talent platform, which allows us to work with the brightest minds, as and when we need, so your budget goes on great thinking, not office bills.

As Albert Einstein once said “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”.  We will always look at your business from a different perspective. With over 12 years experience working with startups we’ve learnt a lot of valuable tricks along the way. We’ve even launched one or two ourselves, so we are committed to uncovering what makes each business unique. 

“Working with Sidekick has been dreamy, they’re as entrepreneurial and dynamic as our members are and as we are at Tide. We’ve presented more and more shocking production deadlines to Sidekick but they keep taking on the challenge with a smile.”


George Schmidt, Tide’s CMO

Establishing a brand requires soul searching. In our experience, the key to gaining trust and recognition lies in pin-pointing the ‘why’ to your business. Ask yourself what defines you. Is it your product or the way you think? Making complex ideas beautifully simple is the challenge. It’s well worth the time and effort as it allows customers to know what you do instantly, and more importantly, why you do it.


To have a great idea,

have a lot of them.


Thomas Edison