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Clients digital marketing agency london

Businesses aren’t born to be quiet

Advertising has the power to disrupt, inspire and motivate. Our job as a creative agency is to help brands and founders become role models so that they can empower their customers to become advocates. We live in a world of content overload, which can lead to consumers being overwhelmed. Brands have an opportunity to use their channels to change this. We’re an awarded creative agency on a mission to make the world a better place by bringing to life genuine, emotive, human stories to communicate what brands stand for and why, so that customers can rally behind their cause.


Helping entrepreneurs find their voice. Check out our UK wide TV & Outdoor campaign for Tide.

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You can do a whole lot more when you daily tasks are managed for you. Some of the benefits of CIPHR’s HR software.

Startups need relevancy. Be true to what you stand for and repeat.


We’re a specialised team, which is why every client we work with gets our full attention. Our media partners are dedicated to supporting small businesses. For newly funded startups, TV and outdoor advertising tends to be the natural progression from solely using digital marketing platforms like Meta, Youtube and Tiktok and we can help you on that journey.

All your creative content, managed in one place.

We’ll manage your content so you can manage business. As you scale it’s even more important to make sure that your online presence comes from the same voice. Consistency is key in our experience. We’ll help you stay true to your values so you can repeat this again and again. We combine creative with production, all under one roof.

Reach an audience that you never thought possible.

We’ll work with you to establish where your customers are and how to reach them. We’ll help make your product relevant to evoke emotion and action, forming a connection between a customer’s problem and your product’s solution. 

Specialised services for scaling brands.

For recently funded startups, paying for a full service creative agency can easily become very costly. We’re changing the way agencies do business with our very own talent platform. We want you to work with the brightest minds, as and when you need. This means that your budget goes on great thinking, not office overheads.


We help brands get recognition by optimising their content. It’s no surprise to know that certain content performs better on certain platforms. You can often repurpose your video campaigns so that they hit a wider range of objectives from a brand message to driving direct action on platforms like Tiktok and Meta.

As Albert Einstein once said “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”.  We will always look at your business from a different perspective. With over 12 years experience working with startups we’ve learnt a lot of valuable tricks along the way. We’ve even launched one or two ourselves, so we are committed to uncovering what makes each business unique. 

Who are you

Establishing a brand requires soul searching. The key to gaining trust and recognition lies in pin-pointing the ‘why’ to your business. Ask yourself what defines you. Is it your product or the way you think? Making complex ideas beautifully simple is the challenge. It’s well worth the time and effort as it allows customers to know what you do instantly, and more importantly, why you do it.

“Working with Sidekick has been dreamy, they’re as entrepreneurial and dynamic as our members are and as we are at Tide. We’ve presented more and more shocking production deadlines to Sidekick but they keep taking on the challenge with a smile.”


George Schmidt, Tide’s CMO

“To have a great idea,

have a lot of them.”


Thomas Edison